"In the summer, the days were long, stretching into each other...everything was on pause and yet happening at the same time.

This was a collection of weeks when anything was possible."

Author Sarah Dessen

Are you staycationing in the city this summer and seeking one high vibe tribe to defy your "impossibles" with?


Well, get ready to embrace the warmer weather with some whimsy and wanderlust, get outdoors, and give that Metrocard of yours a work out!


The Gypsyhood invites you to come stretch and serenade your soul all summer long, and come make this traveling sisterhood feel like your second home.


Hopping to parks across the island of Manhattan and the 5 boroughs beyond, your

SUMMER IN THE CITY pass will admit you to any or all sister circles through August, pressing down that pause button and celebrating the sacredness of summer, as well as rituals with our Full and New Moons. Dates are listed below with park locations and rain dates TBD. (Specific times listed may also adjust due to weather or other changing circumstances).


Your all access pass is only $29! BAM. One payment for a steal, six circles, and endless enchantment!

(The SUMMER IN THE CITY pass is non-refundable.)


Snag your pass today, love, and stay tuned for notifications via email and FB for future locations. The fun begins on the Summer Solstice, Wednesday June 21st at 12pm in Sheep Meadow, Central Park. Hope to see your sweet spirit there.


Circle Calendar Below


Wednesday, June 21st 12pm: Summer Solstice Circle, Sheep Meadow, Central Park

Saturday, July 8th at 12pm: Full Thunder Moon Circle

Sunday, July 23rd at 3pm: New Moon Circle

Tuesday, August 1st at 5:30pm: Summer Harvest Circle aka Lughnasa

Monday, August 7th at 4:00pm: Full Green Corn Moon Circle

Monday, August 21st at 12:00pm: New Moon Circle